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Positive Reinforcement Training

Until recently, dog training has focused on the human-dog relationship in such terms as dominance, discipline and punishment. Dogs, like all living organisms, are just trying to get through the day accessing as many pleasant things as possible, while avoiding the unpleasant.

Gaining control of the pleasant (reinforcers) in a dog's life is a means of behavioral control that is as effective as methods which administer pain and startle.

Dog owners are victims of the lack of correct and accessible science-based information about dogs. The range of misinformation based on some trainers' opinions can have consumers confused and feeling desperate or frustrated.

Imagine if the same range and quality of information existed about cars. People might be told by "experts" to never change the oil, change the oil daily, or replace the oil with lemon juice!

It is little wonder why pet owners are confused. Despite this spotty history of militaristic and old fashioned training methods of the past, pet dog training and behavior counseling is coming of age through the use of positive reinforcement methods.

By providing you with the ability to more clearly understand how dogs learn, what motivates their behavior and how to trade access to all the good stuff for behaviors you expect, you can accelerate your dog's learning.

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